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  • 6th October, 2023

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      The Creative Sector Divide: Africa’s Export Vs The World (2010-2020)

      The Creative Sector Divide: Africa’s Export Vs The World (2010-2020)

      Africa's creative services exports amounted to a meagre $2 billion In 2020, revealing a prolonged and underwhelming performance in comparison to other regions. For instance, Latin America and the Caribbean exceeded Africa's exports fourfold, with a total of $8 billion in creative services exports.

      Meanwhile, Northern America and Asia emerged as formidable powerhouses in the industry, boasting exports of a staggering $227 billion and $259 billion, respectively. Europe, reigning supreme, dominated with creative services exports totalling a commanding $564 billion.

      In 2010, creative services exports in Africa accounted for a mere 1.4 percent of its total exports. Despite a decade of incremental growth, this share had inched up to just 2.3 percent by 2020. This highlights the significant challenges and disparities that continue to hinder Africa's ability to make a substantial impact in the global creative economy.

      Africa's poor performance in creative exports underscores the urgent need for targeted efforts to bolster the sector, unlock its latent potential, and provide a stronger foothold for the region in the global creative arena.

      • Published: 6th October, 2023



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