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  • 2nd December, 2023

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      Share of Netflix Subscribers By Country In Sub-Saharan Africa

      Share of Netflix Subscribers By Country In Sub-Saharan Africa

      The distribution of Netflix subscribers in Sub-Saharan Africa reveals striking and interesting subscriber numbers. South Africa is way ahead in the Netflix game in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a whopping 73.30% of the total subscribers  

      Nigeria, despite having more people and a bigger economy, is second in line with a smaller piece of the Netflix pie at 10.50%. The difference between South Africa and Nigeria highlights some interesting things about how people in these countries choose to watch stuff. Nigeria's challenges with the internet and different spending habits might be playing a role in this gap.

      Looking at the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa, Kenya, Angola, and Ethiopia have smaller portions of Netflix users. The "Rest of SSA" category, which includes many countries, together makes up 9.60%. This shows that while South Africa and Nigeria are the big players, other countries have their own unique situations affecting how much people are into Netflix.

      • Published: 2nd December, 2023



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