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  • 10th December, 2023

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      Top Innovation Economies In Sub-Saharan Africa 2023

      Top Innovation Economies In Sub-Saharan Africa 2023

      Sub-Saharan African nations are still making major advancements in their overall innovative processes and development agendas. The Global Innovation Index seeks to quantify innovation metrics based on indicators such as the political climate, educational attainment, infrastructure, and knowledge generation of economies, according to the Global Innovation Index Database (WIPO, 2023).

      Mauritius took the top spot and proved to be the best country in the region. The nation has been successful in creating an atmosphere that is favorable to innovation, drawing in both enterprises and entrepreneurs. The index placed Senegal and Cabo Verde in the top five, placing them fourth and fifth, respectively, while South Africa and Botswana came in second and third.

      • Published: 10th December, 2023



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