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  • 12th July, 2023

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      Proportion of Food Waste in Some African Countries, 2022

      Proportion of Food Waste in Some African Countries, 2022

      African countries face significant challenges when it comes to food waste, with a considerable proportion of their domestic food supply going to waste. According to the WorldRanking publication, Ghana has a food waste rate of 20.32%, making it one of the highest in the region. This means that a significant portion of food produced in Ghana is lost or discarded, contributing to issues of food insecurity and economic inefficiency.

      Other countries such as Cameroon, Niger, and Angola also pose very high rates of food wastage highlighting the need for improved strategies and infrastructure to minimize food waste and ensure better utilization of available resources.

      Nigeria however, has a lower food rate wastage of 7.56%. It is crucial for all African countries to prioritise efforts to reduce food waste, including improving storage and transportation infrastructure, promoting better agricultural practices, and educating the population about the importance of minimizing food waste.

      • Published: 12th July, 2023



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