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  • 12th October, 2023

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      Number of Natural Disasters In 2022 By Continent

      Number of Natural Disasters In 2022 By Continent

      In 2022, the world witnessed a significant number of natural disasters. Asia, being the largest and most populous continent, experienced the highest number of natural disasters, totalling 137.

      These disasters included earthquakes, floods, typhoons, and wildfires, among others. Many countries in Asia, particularly in the Pacific Ring of Fire and areas prone to monsoons, faced severe challenges in disaster management and response.

      The Americas also faced a substantial number of natural disasters in 2022, with a total of 118 reported events.

      Meanwhile, Africa experienced 79 natural disasters in 2022, which included droughts, floods, and desert locust infestations. These events often had severe implications for food security, water availability, and the livelihoods of communities across the continent.

      • Published: 12th October, 2023



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