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  • 14th September, 2023

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      Major Shared Tribes Between Nigeria and Niger Republic

      Major Shared Tribes Between Nigeria and Niger Republic

      The recent coup in Niger and the ECOWAS plan for military actions highlight the need for effective regional cooperation while recognizing that shared cultural elements can contribute to peace and stability in the region.


      The similarities in tribe makeup between Nigeria and Niger Republic are not just an intriguing cultural phenomenon but also hold implications for regional cooperation, understanding, and diplomacy. 


      Among the major shared tribes, the Hausa people are prominent, constituting a substantial portion of the population in both countries. In Nigeria, they account for 25.10% of the population, while in Niger Republic, they comprise an even larger percentage, at 54.10%. 

      As the two nations face various challenges, including political instability and security concerns, these shared tribal bonds can serve as a basis for fostering collaboration and strengthening ties.

      • Published: 14th September, 2023



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